Marathon training Week 8

So much for having an easy week.. We are back in full force this week.

Monday – 35 min, easy
Tuesday – 45 min, hills @ track
Wednesday – 20 min, easy
Thursday -30 min, tempo
Friday – OFF
Saturday – 9 miles
Sunday – OFF

Monday – 45 min, easy

I’m  nervous about this week’s schedule because I’m a massive procrastinator and I have to finish 3 more chapters for school and a test by Wednesday.  You might have heard this song and dance before and you’ll probably hear it again. 

Massive procrastinator here!!!

And again in case you didn’t read it.

I GOT INTO THE HOUSTON MARATHON.  (I might be a little excited about this… I mighta cried a little about it this morning… maybe.)

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6 responses to “Marathon training Week 8

  1. I flipped out when I found out too! We ARE running twins!

  2. Woohoo! Houston is going to be awesome! I heard the weather last year was really warm so I’m crossing my fingers for good weather this year!!! :0) Good luck with your training!

  3. Woohoo congrats on getting into the Houston Marathon, that makes me happy that you shed a little tear (or may not have :) )

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