No more excuses!

Howdy my friends!

I have been hiding out, reading your blogs but not posting my own.  I’ve finally stepped out of the phase so I figured it’s time to get back to this lil ole blog of mine.  So what’s going on you ask?

Well, not much.  You see, November – February is historically very busy for me at work and it’s finally OVER.  I’m still a little busy but nothing like it was.  So basically I’m telling you, I worked… and worked some more… and a little more.

This is my roundabout way of telling you, not much running or much of anything else happened these past couple months.  I ran a few races, as evidenced by here and here but I never truly prepared for them and just ran them on a hope and a prayer.

I’m telling myself today: No more excuses. 
- Work is good
- Audit is over
- I don’t have school anymore.
No more reasons not to get my workouts done.  Quit being lazy.

I’m committing here to getting a minimum of 4 workouts done a week.  I’m going to schedule 5, but lets be real, 4 is about the most I’ll do. 

Rock N Roll Dallas

Yesterday I received my confirmation email for my upcoming Rock n Roll Dallas half marathon.  Bib number 8365.  I see my “predicted” finish time and I know that isn’t going to happen this go round.  I might be close but I don’t expect to hit my 2:15 goal yet…. yet…  It will happen!

Since I have this race that’s in, oh… 18 days, you’d think I’d be running and getting my mileage in.  But I’m not.  I truly loved the Dallas half last year and I plan to take this race as  a “fun” race.  Instead I’m focusing my training time on getting ready for the MS 150.

Biking Fun!

((You can check out my personal page here.))

So I’ve been biking!  Last night I rode my trainer for 45 minutes, it was supposed to be 90 minutes but it was late and I was tired.

This is me now, I wear bike shorts.  I’m not sure yet if I like them, they are kinda tight.  And did you know they make some with padding in the tush so you don’t hurt during your ride?  Those are hot!

And these are the super hot shoes I wear on my bike.  Don’t look at my legs too long, you might get blinded by the whiteness.  The shoes are kinda cool, they have a little wheel in the back for you to tighten them up so you can tighten them while on the bike easily.

This is what I watch while I’m riding.  Hello Veronica Mars.  Why haven’t we met before?  Isn’t Kristen Bell so adorable? 

This is where my bike lives while it’s waiting for me to ride it again… It’s like a bat, it likes to hang upside down.

Don’t judge those wood floors, they were there when we moved in… they are hidious. 

Does anyone else bike?  Got any good ideas for more TV series after I finish Veronica Mars? 

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12 responses to “No more excuses!

  1. hhrunner

    you are so darn cute on your bike!!! i can’t wait to see how the MS 150 goes for you, i will be cheering you on the whole way!!

  2. Welcome back! I have thought about getting into biking, but don’t have the resources right now.

  3. Yay! You’re watching VM! Did Michelle and I guilt you into that one? Cuz if so…good! Definitely my fave show of all time. Speaking of biking, I’m gonna get into spin classes again next month after my race season is over. I can’t wait!

  4. I admire anyone who can sit on a bike and pedal for more than 10 minutes. That’s about my limit. I didn’t realize RNR Dallas was so close. 18 days sounds like nothing. Gulp.*

  5. Julie @ Orcas Health Journey

    I don’t bike, but my boyfriend does :) He wore biking outfit to 6th st in Austin last Halloween…. and yes he wore the bike shorts with the support for the tushy lol. I want to get into road biking, but can’t afford a bike right now haha.. needing to save up to ride with the boyfriend :)

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