Let’s go for a ride

This weekend, I finally met up with the lovely Heidi who blogs over at The Sweet Life.  We decided it was necessary for us to do a bike ride together since we are on the same MS 150 team.  Heidi suggested we meet up near the start line of the MS 150 and ride out a little bit on the course.  As always, I was a little nervous about meeting someone from the internet but it’s been good before so… 

they look nice right?

(photo above stolen borrowed from here)

I said okay.

The day of the ride, I got all my gear loaded up and my bike strapped to my car.  I wish I had taken a picture of all my snacks, it was a bit ridiculous.  

A black car zoomed past me on the ride out there with two bikes strapped on the roof.. (doesn’t help that I drive like a grandma with my bike strapped to the car)… 

So we finally made it out to our destination, sunscreened up, loaded up our snacks and took off.

Umm… we are riding on real roads with cars and stuff.  Cars… and big Texas trucks.  On the road.  

This was my first time using my clip in shoes on a real ride outside so I was a little nervous.  It was also the first time riding my bike since I had it adjusted and I was nervous about my inability to full touch the ground while on the saddle.  (And the first time riding on the road with cars…)  The night before I kept having nightmares of myself crashing and burning while on the road… great way to start things right?

So we get going and I think since it was Sunday morning traffic was light.  We turn off the big road (we had to make a left… scary) and onto a smaller road that had a pretty big shoulder for us to ride on.  

Heidi and Scott didn’t realize I was back there taking pictures… hee hee

The scenery was very nice to look at and I managed to calm my fears of crashing long enough to take a few pictures.

I love that we got to see some bluebonnets.

Quick stop for photos. (Thanks Scott!!)

So pretty.

It wasn’t long after this picture was taken that it happened…. I fell.  I’m not even sure how it all happened.  We stopped at a red light (cause yes, you have to obey the traffic laws) and I unclipped my right foot to steady myself.  I left the left foot clipped in because we were going to be pedaling again in a few seconds.  Somewhere in those few seconds my body decided to shift to the left and crash.  I’m sure it was graceful.  Thankfully I took the brunt of the fall on my palm and didn’t hurt myself too badly. 

We ended up riding 30 miles in 2 hours and 23 minutes.  Putting us around a 12.6 mph pace.  Not too shabby considering we were just chilling. 

Overall it was a lovely day for a ride and I can’t wait to do it again!! (except for the falling thing)  I never thought I’d get so jived up about riding but I really enjoyed it.  I don’t think I will be interested in doing races or anything competitive but these nice leisurely rides are the best.

Do you have a bike?  Do you like to ride?  Would you ever sign up for a 150 mile bike ride without owning a bike?


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14 responses to “Let’s go for a ride

  1. Looks like fun!! Great job!!
    Falling is rough. I’ve done that several times. Hope you weren’t too sore from it. It hurts!

  2. I blame the darn road for the fall. It was a downhill which makes it hard to stop correctly.

  3. thatpinkgirl

    I’m so sorry that you fell! But I’m glad you’re okay – ouch! It happens to everyone eventually; you’re a real cyclist now for sure!

  4. Amy

    I fell the exact same way, freed my right foot and stepped down with my left. If it helps, I haven’t done it since!

  5. Sounds like you had a pretty good time! Yeay! Your butt didn’t hurt too bad afterwards? I am anti-bike riding because my butt can’t handle that much time on the bike seat. When’s the MS 150? I want to be sure to send you good juju that day.*

    • The ride is on April 21st and 22nd. I’d love to have some good juju!! My tushie hasn’t hurt much since I started riding more regularly. I think I had a week where I was sore then it stopped. I think having a proper seat and good padded shorts helps!

  6. Glad you had a great ride! Sorry about the fall…that happened to me once and I managed to unclip about 1 second before I completely fell over!

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  8. Julie @ Orcas Health Journey

    Hey Tara!

    I just bought a bike last week.. finally, since my bf kept upgrading his bike and pampering it up… i got jealous and splurged on a used bike :)
    I try to commute to work everyday – and Houston is not a bike friendly city! Makes me upsetting. I had to cross the street so I got off my bike and walked because its a pedestrian crossing – Then got hit by a car. It was a minor accident, and the car hit my bike before it hit me … :(
    I took it to the bike shop as soon as i got home and they said its fine, but i need to get my wheels trued.
    I’m still upset that lady that hit me is ignoring my calls.

    Other than that, although its somewhat scary to ride on the road, drivers are usually nice about it and go around me allowing lots of room.

    I don’t have a clip in shoes yet, .. but def will be terrified to be clipped in later !!

    Good luck on ur MS150 and if you do it again next year hopefully i’ll see you lol

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