It’s go time – MS 150

Here we are less than 24 hours til the start time of the MS 150.  I have feelings of excitement, nervousness, anxiety and amazement.  I feel like I’m ready and fully prepared for this event. 

So much has gone into preparing for this…including lots of purchases.

I had to buy a bike.  (and a helmet of course)


My helmet isn't this cool.

Then I got a trainer so I didn’t have to ride the bike outside.

And for when I did want to ride my bike outside, I had to get a rack for the car.

Then I decided I wanted to be brave and got clip in shoes.

And of course I had to buy some padded bike shorts.  Nope, not posting a photo of that.  Plus other essentials: bike flat kit, bag to hold bike flat kit, tire pump, pedals for clip in shoes…

I did a little training for this weekend, including a 62 mile bike ride I didn’t tell you about. 

not the 62 miler

Encountered some cold conditions..

I have on three pairs of pants in this picture, two shirts and a jacket. It was cold.

Rain hindered our path…

Where'd the road go!?

Fell a few times….

Had weird hand issues…

And of course, I did the fundraising.  I set up my MS 150 page, I emailed my friends and co-workers, I wore my MS bracelet.

I’m done, I’m ready to go.  I raised $1,620 to help find the cure to MS. (you can still donate til May 22.) I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished and I’m ready to prove I can do this ride.

Think about me this weekend as I’m strolling through the country sides of Texas.  I’ll certainly be on twitter with updates!  Good luck to any other riders.

And if you have a second, go see what this girl is “ultra” excited about

So who wants to do that MS 150 with me next year???

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9 responses to “It’s go time – MS 150

  1. hhrunner

    good luck friend!! you are going to kick @$$!! keep me updated :)

  2. Have fun and good luck!! My aunt has MS, and she has gone out to watch the riders for the past several years. I’ve always wanted to do the MS150 myself!

  3. You’re gonna kick some asphalt, girlll!! So proud of you!
    And thank you for the shout out!! You’re the sweetest!! :)
    Will be thinking of you!!! And probably sending “I’m suffering, are you?” thoughts telepathically. ;) xoxo

  4. Have a great time this weekend!!!! Next year??? Maybe. Can’t wait to read all about your experience on the road!

  5. Thinking of you today! I hope your ride goes well!*

  6. WOohooo!! Looks like a lot went into it. Hope you have a fantastic ride :-)

  7. Good luck, looks like you are all ready :)

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