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Uh oh, I did it.

Yesterday I was in a buyie type of mood.  When I got the Schwaggle deal of the day, I couldn’t resist.

Compression socks?  Yes, please.  Yellow and blue argyle are on their way to my door.

Then cause obviously I’m an instant gratification type of gal, I decided I need to go buy something during my lunch break….despite the fact it was raining cats and dogs and looked like night outside.  So off to Lululemon I go.  Yes, I did it, I went to Lululemon.

And I spent some money. 

I decided I must have these two lovelies.

And then cause that wasn’t enough, I went back to work and ordered these.

Tsk tsk tsk.  I know.  But but… I did just finish my taxes last weekend and it’s my “Yay!  We got a refund” present… right? 

I think I liked the shorts/skirt because instead of the generic small, medium, large that is typical in running clothes, Lululemon has actual variation in sizes. 

Now, I definately need to find a marathon to start training for with all these lovely new running clothes.  At least I’ll look cute.

Speaking of tax refund presents.. I’m in the market for a treadmill.   Do you have a treadmill at home?  What kind do you have?  What do I look for in a treadmill?   I need lots of help and advice :)


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Looming questions?

Now that the major run is over… well the training run that is.  A bunch of questions appear.  I don’t know about you all, but the major question I keep asking myself is….

1. What am I going to wear for the marathon????

Isn’t this one of the main parts of marathon training?  Finding a cute, fun outfit to run around in for 5 hours?  I think I have this part nailed down… but it’s always open for modifications.

I plan to “sparkle” during the race so I ordered my very first Team Sparkle skirt.

and of course I couldn’t resist the rainbow race legs.

It is yet to be determined if the rainbow race legs will make an appearance in San Antonio or not…. depends on the weather conditions. 

I think I’ll be wearing a white UnderArmour top and black UnderArmour compressions shorts to round out the outfit. 

Now really, any question after this one is not very material in nature…

2. Do I try for a particular finish time?

My times have been all over the place lately.  I’ve been knocking out some good runs in the 11ish/mile pace. 

I actually do have a time in mind but I don’t feel like sharing… if you want to guess I might confirm your guesses… or not.

3. When do I start the wine taper? 

Sadly, I’m thinking it’s gotta start soon.  Guess I better start polishing off those two bottles I got the other day. 

Watch out co-workers..

4. What am I going to eat the night before?

This actually isn’t that big of a deal to me.  I know some people have issues with food and have to be careful.  I’ve been pretty lucky and my tummy is tolerant of nearly everything I slam into it. 

I’m pretty sure I’ll be hitting up with some family that night so it’ll be something good and bland… cause that’s how my family rolls.

5. When do I book my room?

Ha!  Scared ya!  I booked my room a long long long long time ago.  We are all set for staying.  Unfortunately, it’s not a very long trip… we drive to San Antonio Saturday and immediately leave after the race. 

Sorry family, I will smell wonky after the race.  Get ready for the 3 hour car ride home. 

And no Addison, you CANNOT have Mommy’s protein bar… get your own.  (I will pack extras this time… she ate mine after my Dallas half…)

6. Should I be having tapering crazies by now?

I’m not.  I’m totally fine.  Less running is fun. 

7. Who’s gonna try to run up behind me and freak me out?

Certainly not Rachael.

8.  How far is a marathon again?

26.2 miles?  Oh geez… what was I getting into?

At least the elevation isn’t bad.

9. Am I missing something?

I always forget something.  I know.. I need to order my iFitness belt.  Thanks for reminding me.

That’s totally me in the picture.

10.  Seriously, am I forgetting anything??


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five for friday

It’s Friday…..  I’ll follow suit from some other bloggers and do a Five for Friday post.

1. Friday’s used to be a yipee, it’s almost the weekend type of day.  Now it’s a damn I have to run x number of miles tomorrow morning at some ungodly hour day.  Tomorrow I’m attempting doing 18 miles… a personal longest distance ever.  Let’s send me some good vibes.

A nap will definately be in the plan for tomorrow.  Thank you hubs!

I meant a nap for me…. not them.

2. Last night I was racing the little man back to the house after being over at the neighbors.  We did the typical I got ahead for a bit then let him get ahead.  I, of course, let him win.  He turns to me on the front step and says with all seriousness “You’re pretty fast Mom!” 

3. My hair has been annoying me lately.  I can’t decide if I want it long or short, colored or not.  Someone gave me a compliment the other day that my hair was looking long and nice.  Guess what?  I’ll keep for a while longer. 

4. I got new shoes today.  I got an email for a pair of Brooks shoes for $65 and I jumped.  Excited to get them.

5. I’m gonna eat crappy today.  It worked for me last Friday, why not again?!?  I’m thinking about this right now….

What’s your plan for Friday?  Gonna injest some grease?  Yep.  Running blog peeps, not health.


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oh where, oh where…

has my little dog gone?  oh where oh where can he be?

Remember when I mentioned I had lost something a week or so ago?  I joked that it wasn’t my kids… but it was something that was like a child to us….

This guy:

my Skip dog

This all happened on the one night it rained in Houston.  There was some miscommunication between the hubs and I and the dogs were able to get out the garage through the side door. 

We “think” the dogs were let out around 9 pm and since the weather is nice they typically will stay outside and lounge for a while and not make any  noise.  So on this night, we didn’t think anything about the fact no one was barking to be let back in.  When we headed downstairs to go to bed about 10:30 pm, Lily was sitting on the front door stoop.  ummmm? what?  That’s when we realized what happened.  Hubs went out and looked and looked and looked for poor Skip dog.  No where. 

I woke up early the following morning and went outside and ran around the neighborhood looking for him and calling him.  Nothing.  It started raining shortly after that… I felt so bad that my dog was potentially out there in the cold rain.

The next night we got an email from the HOA that someone had found a reddish dog with gray face that had a hard time getting up… bingo, that’s my dog.  We got him back that night. Poor dude was worn out and tired.  I had to bring him his food and water to make sure he was getting enough to eat and drink cause he just wanted to chill in his bed.

He took a few days to recover but he’s back to his old self.  He even tried to escape the other day when the kids were going out the door…  silly old dog.   We’ve come up with a new song for the kids to help keep the dogs inside… it’s to the tune of Who Let the Dogs out…. but instead sing, Don’t Let the Dogs Out…   They think it’s funny.  And you’re welcome if that is now stuck in your head.

Other random things:

I got the Super H his new running shoes.  (They actually have real running shoes in his size.)

To say he loves them is an understatement…


Oh yes, and Addie wanted to show off her Sketchers…. fancy stuff.


And I’ll leave you with one final proud moment… I think we might have a singing sensation on our hands here…


I don’t think Addie likes it….

Up tomorrow: a nice 10 mile recovery run.  How about everyone else?  Anything fun going on?  Oh, I forgot, I have a wedding to go to… guess I gotta get dressed up.


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run for 20 minutes? what?

Wednesday’s workout calls for a 20 minute easy run.  I really don’t know the reasoning behind a 20 minute run and I found myself thinking, geez, is this really worth it?  Then I got to thinking… hey remember when you couldn’t even run for 20 minutes in a row??  Now it’s nothing.  So as a celebration, I went out and rocked my 20 minutes.

20 minutes – 2.01 miles – 9:57 pace

I really hate those curtains… btw.  Definately need to remedy that situation.

Before the run, we had some good family times.  We complain a lot about the heat around here but there is a good remedy for that problem.

I actually decided to sit this one out and just relax on the patio… 

After all the running and fun pool time, hubs and I caught up on some Fringe….

Excuse the mess….  and yes, that’s a second TV over the… just in case we need to play a video game while watching TV.

What’s everyone watching this summer?  Anything good I should be watching?

As I said earlier, we are watching season 2 of Fringe right now and are ready for Breaking Bad to start back up.

Do you have anything in your house that really drives you nuts yet it continues to stay there? 

Those curtains have been there since we moved in.  I hated them then, I hate them now.  I also have some really nasty woodish floors (yes, I’m not certain what they are made of but they resemble wood) and again, still there.


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