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It’s just so much stuff…

Ugh.  It’s been a while huh?  Well I’m sorry my 4 readers, I’ve been insanely busy (probably not but just pretend).  What have I been doing?  I’ve been hanging out with my new BFF (don’t worry Mel, I’m being sarcastic).

I’m not kidding, we never leave each other’s side.  I got my study materials on Monday and we have been hanging out since.  I’ve been trying to use my lunch hour to watch the lectures and then when I get home I try to do at least an hour there. 

It’s intense, but good.  Each section has about 4 hours of lecture, a few hours of homework and then a simulation.  Overall, about 10-13 hours of work on each section.  AND we are supposed to do 2 sections a week.  Ooch.  I can see my free time on the weekend floating away.

(And to my husband, I can’t possibly be asked to clean the house, obviously.)

But I plan to kick some CPA exam butt.

What else is going on?  Well I noticed I didn’t do an April update so here’s just a little one.

You all know I did the MS 150 (I almost typed finished but that’s a lie) so I can check that off now.  I’m still not interested in getting on my bike.

I’ve changed up a few things about my diet.  I’ve 90% cut out soft drinks.  I say 90% because I still have one upon occassion but it’s getting rarer.  Now I’m mainly drinking either water or watered down iced green tea with Equal.  And I’m not sure where I read it, but I remember reading that you should wake up every morning and drink a big glass of cold water to get your metabolism going.  So I’ve been doing that.  And?  My weight is down, quite a bit actually.  Weighed in at 127.4 today.  Lowest in a LONG time. 

Running?  A little bit.  I need to get a good schedule of studying and working out set up.  I signed up for my running group again.  That starts back up on the 19th.  I’m ready… let’s do this marathon!


Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there. 

My mother’s day present came today and I’m proudly wearing it.

So what if I picked it out and ordered it myself :)  Check out all the lovely stuff at  If you want to get me a birthday present I can easily steer you toward some items.

Anyone miss me?  Anybody?  No?  Pretend?  Anyone interested in hitting up some froyo soon and discussing the trilogy?  (You know what I’m talking about.)


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Well howdy there y’all

I survived… I conquered…. I prevailed.  Eh, not really but I’m glad it’s almost over. 

One thing is over for certain and I couldn’t be happier about it!  School!

I’ve been in school for what seems like forever. 

I got my bachelors in Math, minor in Accounting back in…. uh, a long time ago. I took me only 4.5 years to complete.  (Transferring out of state didn’t help me any.)

Then AFTER having a baby I decided to pursue my MBA.  I graduated in 2008, shortly after baby #2 arrived.  (What the heck was I thinking?) 

Then AFTER all that, I went back to community college so I could take the necessary credit work in order to qualify to sit for the CPA exam.  I only needed 36 hours of credit… no biggie right… (whatever.)  I have FINALLY finished with all the requirements and will soon send off my application of intent. 

Now starts the fun…  Studying for the test.  At least I can be at home and study and don’t have those days were I don’t see my little ones at all.

I just checked to see if my grades were posted yet or not and guess what??? 

For someone that was “shooting for a D” this is quite a surprise.

Things around here are starting to lighten up… work is still quite busy and we are quite busy preparing for the man in the red suit to show up but at least I don’t have that overwhelming sense of dread anymore. 

Yesterday I convinced the kids it’d be a GREAT idea to wrap the back door and would make the house look so nice and festive… 

The little twerps have no idea the REAL reason behind wrapping a door.  I don’t need them looking out there on the 23rd when Santa’s helpers come set up their brand new playground.

I have been running… a little.  At this point I HAVE made a decision as to whether I’m running the full or the half in Houston.   I’m just not going to tell you.  Guess you’ll have to wait and see.

26 days til Houston

How is everyone?  I did a big “mark all as read” on reader not too long ago.  Did I miss anything awesome?


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When the little guy started school, I knew I wanted to be relatively active in the school and be able to help out when the schedule allowed. 

The first week of the month is relatively slow for me so I decided I would help out the school during their annual hearing and vision screening. 

One of the nice things about volunteering at the school was the ability to get a little bit more sleep.  I slept in til 7 and then got up and got the kiddos moving.  We all got dressed, Hayden and I took Addie to school.  While we were dropping her off we saw his PreK teacher and he proceeded to ignore her.  He loved his PreK teacher last year and she was perfect in his eyes.  This morning he was playing his usual bashful self and pretending to sleep instead of talking to her. 

Not that bad, but close enough.  He was pretending to snore and everything.

We get to little man’s school and I pull up and park in an actual space. 

Hayden: “What are you doing Mommy?”
Me: “Parking the car.”
Hayden: “But why?”
Me: “Like I told you earlier, Mommy is working at your school today.”
Hayden: “I know your real job is to count money.”
Me: “Yes baby… let’s go.”

I got there fairly early and starting chatting with some of the other volunteers.  Most of them are stay at home mom’s.  Everyone was very nice but they forgot to tell me about the volunteer footware of the season, the blinged out flip flop.

I’ll remember next time to pick up a pair so my feet match.  Of course with the ugly black second toe nail, people may prefer me to keep my sneakers on.

My job for the day was to usher the children from the gym where the vision testing was occuring to the hearing center. Since we could only take about 6 kids at a time, there were many many many trips.  There was also testing being done throughout the school so we had to make sure the children stayed quiet and didn’t disturb anyone.  (yeah right)

By the end of the second grade we tested I was starting to get worn out.. and we still had 4 more grades to go. 

Then the kindergartener’s came in…  and my little guy came in.  I waved when he walked in the room.  Guess what he did… turned his head and ignored me.  I guess this means I’m a real mom now cause I embarrass him.  At least he didn’t pretend to sleep.

After his gym time he went to lunch and I became cool again cause I knew how to open milk containers.  Go MOM!!! 

We finished up the testing finally around 3:35 and then cleaned up and went to wait for the little ones to be done with school.  I scooped up my little man and we headed out to pick up our bibs for Ten for Texas. 

That night the kiddos and I practiced running up and down the street in front of our house.  Between the volunteering and practicing running, I was worn out.  While the kiddos were listening to a story from Daddy, I fell asleep in Addie’s bed.

Since my knees hit the end of the bed when I stretch out, I must’ve been pretty tired to knock out in the midget bed. 

So in summation, volunteering is hard work but very rewarding.  I loved being with all the kids and talking to so many of them.  Most of them were so curious and kind and sweet.  Being able to help out brought back feeling of wanting to teach. 

And to all those teachers out there…  props to you!  You all do such a wonderful job!!  I was only there for ONE day and while my heart was filled with those kiddos joy, they sucked the energy out of me! 

Do you volunteer?  I really want to volunteer for a race sometime soon.. it’s been on my list for a while now.


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it’s a busy busy day

Oh Mondays I used to like you… not so much now.  I have a ridiculously busy day ahead and thought it would be a great time to detail how the majority of my days go. 

5:00 AM - alarm goes off
5:30 AM – I actually get out of bed
5:35 AM – get the kiddos out of bed (yes, poor things)
6:00 AM – after eating breakfast, get dressed
6:30 AM – get the kids dressed (they are usually gearing up for school while I’m getting dressed, doing the normal brother/sister “she’s touching me” routine)
7:00 AM – drop off at school/daycare (this time gets moved up to 6:30ish during the school year)
8:15 AM - maybe make it to work by this time
4:45 PM – get the heck out of work
6:00 PM – back at the house (starting today school: from 6:00 – 10:20 Mon & Weds)
8:30 PM – bedtime for midgets
9:00 PM – out to run
11:00 PM (or sooner) – bedtime

Today my schedule gets a little more crowded.  I’m taking a summer course over the next six weeks that requires my prescence from 6 PM – 10:20 PM every Monday and Wednesday.  This should be my final course to qualify to sit for the CPA exam.  Everyone cross your fingers for me… I’m sick and tired of school.

What kind of idiot works full time, trains for a full marathon, goes to school, while having a family with two little ones???  Oh, wait, that’s me.  Dummy!

Anyone else out there guilty of trying to do too much?  Do you ever break down?  What is it with modern women that make us feel like we can do everything? 

I’ve had my moments of insanity and broken down.  Thankfully the hubs is full aware of my “issues” and is a wonderful helper and therapist.

(Oh, I totally did my 12 miles yesterday and it was sucktacular.  I’ll post about it later.)


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